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febrero 16, 2017 Culitodebrucewillis


We are now back together and we are playing shows again. After 10 years walking in the shadows and being away from the «music scene», we decided to get back together and start focusing on a new Grabba Grabba Tape season because, during the years we were active, we had and AMAZING time, direct experiences and adventures. We also met a lot of great people, visited amazing places and went through a lot of stuff that we will take with us to the grave. This is what we like to do and we cant live without it. This had to happen sooner or later so here we are.
It has been a powerful force stronger than a quasar too, the reason we are now going to our practice space again and the one that will add some new memories, stories and all that to our lives.
In 2008, we took separate paths so the band was no longer possible. One of us moved away, broke his elbow REALLY bad (keeping him away from any potential «dangerous activity» for years such as playing drums) and the other one started his own solo projects and dealt with other personal problems in life.
The cosmos brought us together in some way. Somehow, we ended up living in the same neighbourhood and being close to each other (our apartments are 5min away). We guess this happened for a reason so we decided to give it a try.

This means that we will be around for a while now making new songs, working on our new record and being back into «no-business».

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