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Grabba Grabba Tape are a two piece band from Madrid. One of them plays the keyboards, synths and the vocoder, while the other one plays drums, sings the vocoder, sweats and blah,blah, blah…
The accidentally formed in 2006 after quitting their previous bands. They are now back together after a 10 years hiatus and they come holding in their arms a new album with 14 unreleased songs that were recorded back in 2009.
While they were active they toured Europe a few times and played with bands such as: The Locust, Lightning Bolt, Polysics, The Faint, An Albatross, Hot Snakes, Chinese Stars, Kill Me Tomorrow, Chimo Bayo…etc (plus a bunch of other national bands).

We love each other VERY much but we also fight like savage hyenas. We know each other so well that it scares our families. We dont care. Bye.
Thank you.

PS-. We hate bios so we don´t know what to say. If you have any questions or anything you´d like to know, EMAIL US and we will be very happy to answer you back. Well, actually, one of us will be happy or interested, the other one doesn´t care very much about emails and all that stuff (he has more than 9,000 emails in his inbox- true story). You´ll never know who he is of us two, but a lot of people do.

Sometimes we wear white + pink costumes, sometimes we wear them black + gold. It depends of the intense and disgusting smell they emit after playing and never whasing them. Some people say we smell like a rotten Whopper but we don´t care (bands we have played with have left the backstage because of that). Want to try?.

Picture taken back in 2006 by we-don´t-remember.